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Steep Turn Software

Steep Turn Software creates high quality, robust apps that exceed our clients' expectations. We achieve this using best practices gained from years of software development experience and by communicating frequently and honestly with our clients.

We have worked on dozens of apps and almost every mobile technology including location services, Core Data/SQLite/Realm, creating and integrating with RESTful web services, AWS web services, Bluetooth LE devices and iBeacon.

Our Team
Chris Gulley, Co-founder
Casey McGuire, Co-founder

Chris has been developing iOS and Android apps for ten years and has over 20 years of overall development experience. In addition to Steep Turn Software projects, Chris led the mobile development team at Key Ring 2013 - 2014.

Casey McGuire has been developing mobile apps since 2009. In addition to Steep Turn Software projects he has been a mobile developer at eBackpack and Key Ring. He is a co-founder of Presto Order, a software company that provides online ordering for restaurants.

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